Non-governmental organization Youth Center “Fialta”

“FIALTA is our town, our culture, our way of thinking. Every single day, no matter how gloomy or bright it could be, brings a gulp of  fresh air to everyone who gets here, filling them with the joy of acting together and with new and unique experience…”

Volunteers of Fialta. Vision of the organization.

About us

Fialta was founded on the 17th of February, 1995 and re-registered on the 8th of August, 2006. The fundamental activities of Fialta are seminars and trainings for young adults in the city of Minsk, in addition to conducting trainings for other NGOs. Fialta also works as a youth center where young people can realize their own ideas. Since 2016 we have been successfully sharing our new office with two other non-governmental organizations. It helps us preserve a sustainable growth and share our values with broader audience.

Short summary:

– Fialta has an extensive experience of work in the sphere of non-formal education since 1995;

– more than 200 seminars and training courses carried out for more than 20,000 people for the last 3 years in the sphere of peer-education, effective communication, intercultural education, interactive methods in education, sustainable development, popularization of science, organisational development, leadership, etc.;

– members of Fialta are authors of the books and scientific publications on issues within the competences of Fialta (NGO Development, Peer education, Effective communication, Healthy lifestyle);

– projects of Fialta are aimed at teenagers and young adults (16 – 28 years old), youth workers and specialists of NGOs.

Fialta has close cooperation with several other organisations in Minsk both on the regional and international level.  Fialta is actively involved in the activities of ‘Erasmus+’ (previously ‘Youth in Action’) programme of the European Union with a mission of promoting non-formal education for young people.

What Fialta Does

  • Educational programmes for teenagers and young people
  • Seminars and trainings for non-governmental organisations
  • Trainings for trainers
  • Peer education programmes
  • International exchanges
  • Consultations within Fialta’s activities and competence

Who Works in Fialta

  • Those who work with and for young people: trainers, coaches and consultants, youth workers
  • Former participants of trainings, seminars, educational programmes and exchanges of Fialta
  • All those who have interest in what’s going on in Fialta

Why Fialta is unique

  • interactive non-formal education (trainings, workshops)
  • training new youth workers
  • every 1/2 years – change in managing executive committee
  • horizontal management, inside democracy

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Address: Minsk, Kropotkina str. 44, office 307, 3 floor